Some Reasons People Come To Us…


Neck and Back Pain

2 of the top 3 reasons people see chiropractors. Proven, evidence-based effectiveness.


The other of the top 3 reasons for seeking Chiropractic care. Migraine, Tension, Neck related.

Facial and Jaw Pain

A specialty area of Dr Mottram’s. (See ABOUT Orofacial Pain and TMJ) Also Dr Mottram’s other website >>

Dropped Arches & Painful Feet

We prescribe and fit the full range of Customized and Off-the-Shelf orthotics at very competitive prices.

Sports Injuries

Chiropractic is not just about spinal care. Upper and lower limb joint and soft tissue injury treatment and exercise rehab. We provide it all here. Electrotherapy  and dry needling in addition to massage and manipulation.

Vertigo and Balance problems

Can be related to inner ear canal dysfunction, neck joint issues, cerebellum and brainstem fatigue. Needs proper assessment and management. Dr Cassis area of special expertise.

Chronic Pain

Sometimes the brain undergoes changes that make us feel pain more than we should or for a more prolonged period. Sometimes treatment targeting the nervous system can help. Both Dr Cassis and Dr Mottram have post-graduate training in this area.

Postural Improvement

Poor posture is often the root cause of chronic spinal pain and headache. We provide easy to follow advice about how to correct.


It’s not necessarily about cure but good management. You can live better with arthritis with the right care and advice.

Tooth Grinding in Adults & Kids

Orofacial myology and cranial therapy deal with strain patterns in the skull and facial, jaw muscles. Sometimes bite problems can be the issue. Brain generated muscle activity can be a product of poor airways at night.