Welcome to Parade Chiropractic Ocean Grove

Here at Parade Chiropractic, our treatment approach is aimed at fast symptom relief and lasting good health. Quick pain relief is often the initial goal, however educating you about the cause of your problem, and giving you the tools to manage long term improvement, is also a priority.

Joint manipulation, massage and trigger point therapy are traditional chiropractic techniques used extensively. In addition, trigger point dry needling is a very effective tool for quick pain relief and lasting release of muscle spasm. Sometimes electrical therapy like ultrasound and low level laser may be appropriate especially for ligamentous trauma and sporting injuries.

We offer:

  • Chiropractic Manipulation for neck and back pain, pressure point and deep tissue massage, trigger point dry needling, exercise rehabilitation and craniopathy.
  • Special expertise in the treatment of Head, Jaw and Facial Pain and Dysfunction, Vertigo and Balance issues and Neuro rehab.
  • Sports Injuries including dropped arches & painful feet, postural improvement, shoulder, elbow, wrist problems and soft tissue injuries.
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